Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Yarn Along -- New Socks?

Even though I haven't been wearing my wool socks this winter -- I really doubt I'll be able to remember to not put them in the dryer -- I'm itching to knit a pair.  Rather, when I think about knitting, I'm itching to knit a pair.  Here's where I'm at now:

You can see I'm making awesome progress.

What are you knitting (or not knitting) these days?


  1. I'm sure you'll have them finished in no time! great colour.

  2. Best laid plans and all that, huh?! ;-)

  3. I’m not into much these days. I have just started to knit a circle scarf which is really hard and not a day’s work.

  4. If you are not wearing your knitted socks don't you want to make some for me? I could wear knitted socks everyday and I do own a few, some from my grandma some from me but I could do with a quite thin pair and so don't feel like knitting them... ;-)

  5. I am not knitting a lot of baby things for my little one due in March... though I am crocheting her a blanket.


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