Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sewing Tutorial: Baby Sleep Mittens

No matter how much we turn up the heat in the house, our bedroom always feels much colder than the rest of the hosue.  Lots of covers and warm jammies keep us warm, but we have a new roommate. And despite Tommy's layers and warm blanket sleeper, his poor little hands would become ice cubes by the time he woke up next to nurse.

So I made him a pair of baby mittens from an old felted sweater.  Here's how I did it:

I folded my felted wool fabric in half lengthwise and drew a mitten shape with chalk, eyeballing the size.  (If you're smart, you'll either generously trace your baby's hand, or measure the circumference of his wrist, or ideally both.  Eyeballing it wasn't my most shining moment in the fit department, but I was short on time, the baby was asleep and he needed to wear the mittens the same evening.  Sewing time is scant these days!)  I then cut out two of the mitten shapes, keeping in mind the need for a 1/8- to 1/4-inch seam allowance.

I cut a piece of elastic about 3/4 the length of the wristband and sewed it to the wrong side of the wristband, stretching it as I sewed.

Next, I folded the mitten in half lengthwise, right sides together and stitched as close to the edge as possible.  Be sure to stitch through the elastic when you get to the wristband, and not alongside it.

Turn mittens right side out and fit them onto your baby's chilly paws.  Hopefully yours fit your baby better than mine do!

Check my night vision -- I love the arms-over-head look.
Along the same vein, I made a pair of slippers for Nathan using this tutorial from Collecting the Moments. 

I used puffy paint to make the bottoms non-slip, or less slip, anyway.  I couldn't get this kid to stand still if I paid him!


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  1. Love this and your children are adorable!

  2. We should like it as we like our child. pls feel free to visit smart home

  3. Awww, that was so cute and the one when he was sleeping was gorgeous.


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