Friday, December 7, 2012

Guest Post: Decorating a Boy's Bedroom with Blues

This guest post on decorating a boy's bedroom is by Stacy Watts. She loves using blue for boys' rooms, and why shouldn't she?  Even though I went for more neutral yellows and greens for my own boys, it was hard to resist blue, one of my favorite colors.  Take it away, Stacy!

There is no end to a child’s imagination. Why not decorate a child's room to reflect that? Children’s rooms are probably the best places to go the furthest in expressing their creativity. By borrowing ideas from favorite children’s books and movies, you can create an amazing setting for your child to grow up in. In order to do that, the basic elements you can use are:
  • vibrant colors
  • wall murals or decals
  • big plush toys
  • fun-shaped furniture
  • other cute objects that will set the right mood for a boy’s room.
Though some people are not fans of clichés like “pink is for girls, blue is for boys,” can you think of a better color for a boy’s room than blue? Neither can I. Blue is the color of two things covering the biggest areas on Earth - the sky and the sea. That’s where all the adventure happens!

Creative Ways to Decorate Your Boy’s Room:

The Sky
The first step to creating a cozy place for your little pilot is to paint his room light blue. Choose a color that will go well with the bed, closet and other pieces. You can paint some clouds and birds on the walls, too. If you’re feeling adventurous about the project, you can decorate your child’s room in the following manner:
    • Place your child’s cradle or bed next to the wall and paint a huge airship above it, as if your child’s bed is hanging from it.
    • Buy a rug that depicts a town, so that it looks like your child is flying and seeing the city from above.
    • Find a lamp in the shape of the sun, or paint the sun on one of the walls.
    • Place cute plush toys around the room.
The Sea

Creating a sea world in your boy’s room is similar to the “sky” idea. You’ll also paint the walls blue, but instead of birds you’ll have paintings or decals of sea animals on the walls. Clown fish, jellyfish, dolphins, crabs, coral reefs and other wonderful creatures can all dance on the sea-blue walls.
    What you’ll need to order to have specially made are:
    • A boat-shaped bed, with mattress and soft blue bed covers from memoryfoamexpress.
    • A stroller with a blue float on its upper part.
    • Fish toys hanging from the ceiling.
    • If the boy is not too young, an Air Swimmer would be an excellent addition to the room’s collection of wonders.

If these ideas seem too extreme, you can just go for a quieter option and use blue curtains, rug and bed sheets to make the room handsome, calming and sleep-friendly. You can cover the walls with murals of animals or popular cartoon characters while leaving enough space for your child to express himself through painting.

Last But Not Least
If you can get a nice big fish tank for your child’s bedroom, it could probably be the most interesting blue element in there. If your boy is still a baby, he will enjoy watching the fish swim in circles, which might even be a way to calm him down before bed. If your child is a big boy, he can practice caring for others by feeding the fish and cleaning the fish tank.
No matter what option you go for, the color blue will make sure your child has the most wonderful dreams in his personalized space.

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  1. We just painted our son's room blue ("Celestial" by Behr)...we LOVE it. My mom made a gorgeous quilt, heavy on the blues and reds and lots of plaid. His desk drawers are red, the ceiling and floor are natural wood, and we've stored all his stuff in IKEA jars and baskets...toy soldiers, Bakugans, Bionicles, etc. It's his little boy cave, where he can escape his (soon to be) three little sisters. It's such a peaceful, but vibrant colour. We love it!


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