Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yarn Along: Better Late than Never!

My yarn along post is way late, if you ask me. I've been battling yet another sinus headache, and last night wasn't the time to be squinting at a laptop screen.  That said, I still have the headache, but I'm front of my computer now for work anyway, so I might as well bang out the post real quick.  Sorry it's so brief!

Nathan's new hat (and a small amount of Sneaky Snake scarf knitting) has derailed my progress on my winter shawl.  The edging is going slowly, partly because I'm not able to memorize the 16-row pattern repeat and partly because if I'm too tired at night I'm afraid I'll mess it I'm going rather slowly (for me). 

But the hat has turned out great!  All I need to do is run a tapestry needle through the stitches in the icord stem (I can't seem to knit a child's hat without an icord stem), weave in the ends and slap it on his head to see how the decreases have worked out. 

It's my own design that I'll save for when I write a knitting book...someday.  It's a large hat that he'll grow into, with an interesting stripe pattern that stays the same how matter how you fold the brim over a little or big(ger) head.

Happy Knitting, everyone!


  1. The hat looks great :) I know what you mean about not working on complicated things when you have a headache or are tired - that's precisely when everything seems to get messed up!

  2. Oh Kelly, I hope your are feeling better. I suffer from headaches quite a bit so I empathize.
    The hat is adorable by the way! :)

  3. i like the color combo. it looks wonderful.

  4. Looks good! Hope the headache goes away real soon!

  5. I hope you're feeling better!
    The hat is cute, great wintery colors :)

  6. Oh, goodness, sinus headaches are terrible...hoping you are on the mend. It's amazing what you've accomplished despite being under the weather. I really love the color of this hat!

    I put up my first yarn-along today, Kelly. I had to get past the embarrassment, next to gorgeous projects like yours, but it is super-fun.

  7. the hat looks so squishy! I have had a terrible cold related headache for a couple of days now. I hope you feel better soon!

  8. I hope you feel better soon. Love the colors in the hat and all your sock photos in the next post!

  9. i do hope you feel better! i love i cord finishes.

  10. The hat is lovely, total admiration that you not only knit but design too.

    Your goal for last year was also truly awesome!



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