Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Waffles and Cookies Kinda Day

Even before I knew there would be [a small amount of] snow this weekend, I was ready for spending the long haul at home this weekend -- my car has been in the shop since Wednesday night.  I get cabin fever readily, thanks to working from home (both a blessing and a curse, especially when you enjoy participating in adult conversations from time to time) and spending the rest of my time with a toddler (ditto -- I'm kidding.  Really.).

Those of you who live near stores and shops and other convenient places to go on foot will probably never know just how stranded one can feel without a car or mass transit in a rural area, or when the winter weather is bad for weeks on end and driving somewhere for recreation doesn't seem like a sane thing to do.  This is when rural living can really start to wear on me.

So I had a [loose] plan to combat the cabin fever.  Bake and play in the snow and eat grilled cheese for lunch.  And it was a pretty good day, if I do say so myself -- even if it started with Nathan waking up two hours earlier than usual.  Homemade waffles in the waffle iron, the kind with the egg whites folded in at the last minute (recipe here; it's the best one of the three I've tried so far).  Two bouts of playing in the snow and pulling Nathan in the sled with homemade sugar cookie dough chilling in the fridge, awaiting our return for baking.

Recipe is from Betty Crocker here; I only made 1/3 of the recipe because I don't need 96 cookies in my house all at once, thank-you-very-much.

Tomorrow I hope to have the energy to bake some bread.  We'll see.  The snow will have lost its appeal (to me, anyway), but I'm sure I'll have to endure it again for the sake of my little one. 

I'm a little wary that I won't keep my sanity through Sunday and Monday... Just thinking about it is making me want to go somewhere.  Anywhere.  Today we had a hankering for juicy hamburgers for dinner, but we don't have a car that all three of us can pile into to go out to eat.  Oh, man, I still want that hamburger!  I'm starting to wonder if writing this post was a mistake.... wish me luck keeping the stir crazies at bay.

Oh, and happy weekending!


  1. I can appreciate the stir crazies. We moved from within walking distance of a town with lots of facilities, now we have to have a car to get anywhere, apart from the local village, which only has two pubs!

  2. I made cookies this weekend too...I made the whole batch though, and baked half and put half in the freezer to bake up another day. That way, next time, I don't have to wash the mixer :)

  3. Sooo know what you mean! We live in a village without any shops or facilities! We have snow from November to March/April time, and this year we have way way to much of the stuff. I just about manage to get out once a week for groceries, to a tiny supermarket, the rest of the time I'm surrounded by little people (lovely little people). Leaving and receiving comments in blogland is like adult conversation to me!!!
    Oh man, I just re-read that, I sound like a nut-case!


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