Saturday, November 5, 2011

Knitting Tips and Techniques

You may have caught on by now that I'm a knitting geek.  Not only do I love to knit and all things knitted, but I also love the how and the why of knitting.  I like examining a piece to see how it was made, and checking out store-bought knits to see if they were hand knitted, as their label sometimes states (the seams and the plumpness of the stitches are dead giveaways).  I also enjoy learning new techniques and knowing all I can about my favorite hobby.  Just like my brother is a technical guitar player, I'm a technical knitter.

I had hoped to share knitting techniques and tips on my knitting blog, all. about. knitting., but I really don't have time to write on a second blog (what was I thinking?), and I just couldn't keep up.  So instead I'll share them occassionally here -- interesting tips or techniques I hope knitters will find useful.  But non-knitters, don't worry -- I won't innundate the space with "boring" knitting techniques -- after all, they're not boring!  Just kidding.  You get the idea.

I’ve already created my Knitting Techniques page and brought over my first tip from my re-defunct knitting blog, How to Wrap and Turn.

My first new tip will be how to straighten out the curled up cable on your circular needle.  Stay tuned!


  1. I love that you are doing this! As someone who has only been knitting just over a year I need all the help I can get!
    PS- I am doing my socks top-down on dpn's. I am going to try doing fewer decreases and see what happens. Thanks for all your help.

  2. I've been knitting for a while now (since 2003) but I never tire of techniques. I learn new things all the time, so thanks for doing this. It'll definitely be useful.

  3. I have only just started knitting - even my mother finds that "rather surprising" :) But so far, so good. So I, for one, am looking forward to reading your tips and techniques

  4. I'll read it and thanks!

    Question for you. My grandma was recently in hospice, she was quite the knitter. One day a donated blanket was brought in for her, thank you anonymous person, it was a puzzle to her and to my aunt. They spent hours trying to figure out how it was built. It was diagonal on the front but straight on the reverse. I didn't see it, so I can't give a better description really. It drove them nuts but gave them some random topic to discuss. Any idea on what the stitch might have been.

  5. Hi Julia,

    It's really hard to say without a photo or a more detailed description. It could have been knitted with increases and decreases to give the appearance of diagonal construction (like a shawl). But that would probably make it look diagonal on the wrong side, too. I wish I could see it!


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