Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Yarn Along & Back Together Again

Our power was restored on Tuesday afternoon and Nathan and I came back home on Tuesday night.  I’m so glad my little family is back together again.  Now it’s time to dig out from the rubble—we’re still working on scrubbing the freezer, restocking the refrigerator and catching up on laundry.  It’s amazing how much we rely on electricity for everything and how nearly helpless we (I) feel when we (I) don’t have it for four days. 

Don’t get me wrong—my husband and I are pretty darn resourceful, but our rural set-up doesn’t make the sudden switch to the 19th century easy to make.  Either way, it was easy for me and Nathan, since we stayed at my parents’ house for three of the four days.  I’m proud of my husband for slogging it out on his own, making due with what he had and improvising to get what he needed.  He also worked to clear away trees on the farm, alone, with a chainsaw and no way to call for help if he needed it, which scared me quite a bit.  He’s an awesome man.

I took my Yarn Along photo on Tuesday while we were still at my parents’ house.  It shows our new sleeping arrangements there—my big bed pushed right up against Nathan’s brand new toddler bed.  I love the arrangement (except for him climbing out about a billion times) and love seeing how he sleeps at night.  He was so good during the whole time we were staying with my parents.  I think he was even better behaved than he usually is—he’s such a champ.

A closer look at the knitting.

That said, I couldn’t get him to nap and couldn’t get him to fall asleep at his normal hour, so I've barely made any progress on my knitting.  On the right is my shawl, Multnomah, and the colors of Knit Picks Stroll Handpainted in Hayride are incredible -- I love the way they're knitting up in this interesting but easy to execute pattern.  We went for a walk in my parents’ neighborhood yesterday and saw these same colors on all the trees.  The sock is the second of my August socks (gulp) and it’s coming.  Slowly.

I’m reading Free-Range Knitter, by the Yarn Harlot herself, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.

Our internet connection is back up tonight, so here I am, late with my Yarn Along post with Ginny of Small Things.  Better late than never!  Good knitting.


  1. They both look lovely! I love the autumnal colourway :)

  2. And to think that I've been grumbling about frost and ice. Sheesh. I'm so pleased that your wonderful family is back together all snug and safe in your own home.

    Both yarns are knitting up beautifully. LOVE the colours.

  3. I'm so glad you're back home! And your knitting is beautiful (as usual.) The Hayride colorway is perfect.

  4. The colors in your Multnomah are really beautiful and so reminiscent of fall. I knit one earlier this year and agree it is a fast yet predictable knit. Gorgeous. Glad you are home.

  5. I love the colour of that yarn. It's perfect for this time of year. The Multnomah is a great way for showing off beautiful yarns.

  6. Love the colors of the yarn

    Glad you are able to be together again! I was nuts when we lost power for 4 hours, can't image 4 days!

    God Bless

  7. so glad your safe and back together again. that is such a sweet sleeping arrangement, your little guy must have really liked it.
    i love your knitting, so pretty and autumn like.

  8. Ahhh, Multnomah! I just finished mine. While I LOVED knitting it, I won't be tackling another shawl for a while. It took me way too long! Yours is absolutely gorgeous!

  9. So glad to read that you're back home and back altogether. The colours on your knitting are splendid, really! I've come across the Multnomah shawl before - I shall have to re-new my acquaintence with it.....

  10. I am so glad you are once again all together and you're back on line! I have been eyeing that yarn in the catalog and really need to just order some,it is so pretty. xx


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