Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yarn Along and…More Yarn

In addition to realizing that I was running out of yarn in last week’s Yarn Along post, I made another disappointing discovery—Nathan’s Tomten Jacket is coming out so big that it won’t fit him until next year.  Sigh.  Between that and the boredom of knitting row after row of garter stitch, I’m losing interest.  Which is rather un-timely, since I received a box of yarn in the mail today full of backup…and the promise of new projects.  More on those later.

With September’s socks done (Nathan’s Raindrop socks, free pattern here) I’m back on my August socks, Edwardian Boating socks (Ravelry link), and I’m enjoying them a lot.  But I’m still itching to cast on something new.  Something from inside That Box.

Want a closer look?

Inside That Box is yarn for:

  • a pair of blue and white colorwork mittens for Nathan (the pattern is in my head, but not on paper yet),
  • a green tweed vest for Nathan to wear this year,
  • an ecru cotton newborn sweater for charity,
  • a pair of birthday or Christmas socks for my husband (depending on when they’re finished, hopefully birthday!) in a grayish brown heather called Jackrabbit (it’s awesome),
  • a larger-than-expected Tomten.
Which should I cast on first?

I finished An Irish Country Doctor and dove right into the sequel, An Irish Country Village...and I was so pleased with how the second book starts the very next day after the first one ends.  Gotta love continuity!

As always, I'm linking up with Ginny at Small Things on Wednesday.


  1. Oooh, I love it when big boxes of yarn arrive :) Personally I'd cast on the green tweed vest, to make up for the current WIP being too big. Actually, if it was me I'd probably cast on everything all at once!

  2. I second pinkundine, cast on the tweed. With cooler air approaching, Nathan is going to need something to keep warm ;)and besides, I think tweed looks so cute on little ones! xx

  3. I agree - go with the green! :) There isn't much prettier than a box full of yarn is there. Or anything more distracting ;-)

  4. You will be very busy in the future. I love when new yarn arrives in the mail!

  5. The vest. Definitely the vest.

  6. Sorry your sweater is coming out to big...a big bummer. I would be itching to cast on a different project to, especially with all of it there staring at me! Go with the green. Beautiful yarn!

  7. how exciting! a new box of wool is so inspiring. i'm guessing you might cast on for more than one thing at a time!

  8. I vote for the green tweed vest too! I love tweed yarn-- especially in green! :)


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