Thursday, September 22, 2011

{Family Time} is making old new again

I had wanted to call this post “Aprons and Apple Pies” – I had plans to bake an apple pie with the local apples I picked at last weekend’s apple festival, wearing the new, really cool Amish-made apron I bought at said festival.  But I’ve been too busy and too tired to bake something so involved, so instead I give you this: a snapshot of some recent family time.

After a long summer of my husband’s job majorly getting in the way of family time, I’m so glad it’s back.  Family time, I mean.  Thank God it’s fall!  T.J. is helping me sand this little desk chair and a matching student desk so we can refinish it for Nathan.  (This is what we call a togetherness activity -- even though he's "doing" and I'm watching!)  A friend had given me the chair, and the very same day I found a desk to match at a yard sale.

All three of us hung out on the deck while my husband sanded and Nathan brushed away the dust with a paintbrush, but I realized that the best views were from inside the house after I had come in to make dinner.

See the open container of bubbles?  He was taking breaks to blow Nathan some bubbles to chase around and I missed catching it with my camera.  I'm so grateful for family time and moments like these.

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