Monday, September 19, 2011

Guest Post: Fresh Trends for Fall Décor

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Today fellow writer and decorating enthusiast Christina Johnson is sharing ideas and trends for freshening up your home décor for Autumn. Christina, thank you for sharing your great seasonal ideas with Creating a Family Home readers!

As summer gives way to autumn and the air turns crisp, now is the perfect time to revamp your home decor. Bring some of the rich textures and colors of fall indoors to create your own cool-weather sanctuary. Take a peek at some of the fresh trends in fall decor.  Here are my favorite ways to freshen up my home for fall.

Take Advantage of Fall Colors—They’re in Style Now!
Painting is a simple, affordable way to reinvent a space. Imbue your home with fall's popular warm, cozy colors. Whether you want to go bold or stick with neutrals, this season's palette offers something for everyone. Among the trendiest paint colors are soft gold, burnt orange, mocha, creamy beige, asparagus green, earthy browns and tans and shades of gray, ranging from peppercorn to a pale gray-violet. In a neutral room, an accent wall in a bold color can add depth and interest. Some popular choices are creams and beige with a warm brown or deep, burgundy red accent wall.


Accessorize with Color

Use accent pieces, such as throw pillows, candles, art, sheets and comforters, slipcovers, floral centerpieces and knickknacks,  to complement the color of the room and add a fun or sophisticated feel. While neutral furniture has been the standard, don't be afraid to experiment with your accessories and use them to add a splash of bold color—it’s easy to swap out accessories with the change of the seasons.

Copper, red, black, chocolate brown, brass, wine, and funky patterns are popular this season, although shades of orange have been stealing the show. Add some burnt orange pillows or a few pumpkin-orange vases to make your home feel like fall.

Mix Up Your Styles

You no longer have to worry about sticking to a single style or aesthetic for a room. Eclectic decor is one of the bigger trends for fall. Mix masculine and feminine, antique and modern or combine artwork in different mediums and styles. Try pairing your antique coffee table with a modern sofa. Or try adding a splash of pink—or vases full of flowers—to an otherwise masculine room. And when it comes to style, location no longer matters, either. Whether you live in a Manhattan Rental or a country colonial, wherever you call home should be decorated based on your personal style and tastes, even if it’s in stark contrast to the world outside your door.  It’s your sanctuary!


Up-cycled Home Goods

Eco-conscious? One of the biggest trends in decorating and crafting is up-cycling—take recycling to a whole new level! Whether you want to take on your own craft project or browse Etsy, the range of re-imagined materials and possibilities will amaze you. Recycled-content kitchen counters have seen an increase in popularity lately, but they’re still unique enough to earn  heartfelt compliments (they can be really interesting looking!). Accent pieces, like clocks made from old records or bowls made from magazines, can be as chic as they are functional, while keeping objects out of landfills.

Simple Window Treatments
Lush, heavy window treatments of old have been abandoned for more streamlined versions. Design aficionados are predicting that linen panels will be huge this fall. These simple window treatments can soften any room. The classic, timeless fabric comes in a variety of colors and patterns to complement the colors of just about any room. With lighter fabric, the late fall days may not seem so dark and dreary as fall gives way to winter (but of course by then we’ll be ready to freshen for winter, right?).

Add Texture with Wallpaper

Bold, neutrals, solid colors and patterns can all add texture to a space. Wallpaper has become easy to apply and remove, making it an affordable way to update a room. Metallics can add glamour to a room, while printable wallpaper allows homeowners to customize the design to their own personal tastes.


  1. Sigh. This makes me want my house to be FINISHED inside. My favourite is repurposing items. So much fun in it!

    Psssst, I got a lovely package in the mail recently! I LOVE my giveaway win :D The adorable surprise tags will come in VERY handy, and one of the cards has already been used. Thank you.

  2. I like the pumpkincandles! We have a lot of those orange pumpkins this year so enough material to practise.

  3. I'm here from Running With Glitter's link party! These are great fall decor ideas!

  4. Love your fall header. Thanks for sharing your fall ideas at Bacon Time.

  5. I agree with the Mix up your style portion. Using flower that is other than fresh will definitely add spice.


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