Sunday, September 4, 2011

Butterfly Inspiration and New in My Shop

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My butterfly bushes are among my favorite plantings for a very obvious reason.

Those last two are hydrangeas, but who's keeping track?  These beautiful butterlifes are exactly why I'm so excited for a trade I made with a friend on Friday -- a truckload of rocks I had been using as garden edging for three baby butterfly bushes she dug up from her yard.  They're a really great light purple variety that gets much taller than the varieties I already have.

The best part, these butterflies have served as my inspiration for my newest addition to my Etsy shop, a set of Butterflies in Flight note cards.  (Click on the photos to go right to the listing.)

I love how the pretty patterned papers coordinate with each other and how some of the butterflies hover above their cards.

Some other note cards currently in my shop (new last week -- I hadn't announced them yet!).

If you like what you see I hope you'll pop over to my shop and take a closer look!  Enjoy your holiday weekend and be safe, my friends!

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