Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Great Outdoors ~ Just Being

~ A weekly series chonicling something that took place outdoors this week.  If you recently took photos outdoors that you love, join in and post a link in the comments! ~

Nathan and I rediscovered a grassy, secluded clearing on the farm where we can just be.  A special place that's just for us, where we can play and pretend and roll around in the grass.  Maybe it's selfish of me to not have told the babysitter about our special place and where it is... but she has the swing, the tricycle, throwing rocks in the lake...c'mon.  She has my son during his best time of day, while I'm working, so maybe that's enough.  Maybe my husband can join us in our special place for a picnic lunch this fall...but for now, it's just for me and Nathan.

There's a little hill for running up and down.

Mostly down.

It's a great place to listen for occassional airplanes as they fly overhead...

And then locate them.

Oh, look, a digger!!!

Back up the hill.

It's the perfect place to go hunting for pinecones and seed pods, especially if you plan to wear them as hats.

The nearby pine grove and stand of black locust trees is where our family picnics will take place... soon!  Can't wait for Labor Day to be behind us so my husband can spend more time with his little family, and in our special little place.  Where we can just be.

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