Sunday, April 17, 2011

Adventures in the Garden: Home Alone and Waiting for Spring

So, I’m home alone for the first time since Nathan was born, and what do I do?  I work outside in the garden, that’s what.  And it’s not exciting planting-new-seedlings work, it’s the drudgery of turning-over-weedy-earth work.  I should have been napping or knitting or at the very least drinking coffee, but no, I chose to work really, really hard.  (I also flitted around and took carefree photos in the sunshine without having to worry about where my little boy is and what he’s doing.  It was kinda nice.)
I've been watching the huge buds on my Sweetgum tree grow from as far away as my kitchen window.  The leaves on this tree turn amazing shades of red in fall.

Practically the only real signs of spring around here.

The view from my kitchen garden.

My kitchen garden after I finished turning it over.  Tomorrow I'll add the biodegradeable plastic mulch, and then I'll be all ready to plant my seelings.

I managed to turn over the unkempt half of my kitchen garden, the part that hadn’t been tended in almost three years.  Earlier this week I divided my daisies and gave a big chunk to my mom.  I planted another chunk somewhere else in my little garden, which was probably a mistake, knowing how fast they grow and spread.  But they’re so pretty—the perfect daisy, really—and I didn’t want to toss them.

In between looking for signs of spring, I keep dreaming of what my garden will be like this year, my first true year of gardening since becoming pregnant and having Nathan in 2009.  I can picture (and almost taste!) the sun-ripened tomatoes, and can already smell the oregano coming back from last year.  I can’t wait to harvest tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers and share my favorite summer recipes with you here.  It's kind of insane to be thinking so far into summer, when I'm still waiting for spring to really arrive.

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