Monday, April 18, 2011

Right There

Right there.  These two simple words make up the most common phrase my 16-month-old son says.  After I got over how not useful these two words seemed at first to be—and once Nathan developed a greater ability to communicate and I developed a keener ability to listen and understand—they become part of my little family’s vernacular.

Right there now means so many things:

  1. Right there: I want that.  Okay, here you go.
  2. Right there: Look at that.  Oh, I see it!  It’s a birdie.
  3. Right there: What is the word for that?  That’s an onion.
  4. Right there: I’m so glad I have this [insert object, especially a food-related one] right now.  *Smile.*
  5. Right theeeere: I’m happy.  Me, too.
  6. Riiiiiight there: I’m having fun being silly and entertaining myself.  I’m having fun, too.
I really love being a mom. J


  1. oh it's so true! i love it, too! such an honor to share this special bond that let's us know just what there heart wishes to express even when they don't have the vocabulary to do so.

  2. it's great....he has started expressing himself through words...Only parents/family can understand child's so many feelings with just two words. It's a blessing to be a mom.


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