Tuesday, November 9, 2010

On to a New Phase of Babyhood

I was surprised and amazed to find that, just as quickly as my milk rushed in three days after Nathan was born, it abated in just three days when Nathan weaned himself over the weekend.  Women’s bodies are so incredible.  How can people say there’s no God when our bodies function so perfectly to create and sustain life?  Our design was no mistake.

I silently mourned the fact that this facet of our mother-son relationship is over.  It was such a sweet time, even near the end when he was squirming to get away, preferring to do just about anything else to drinking his mother’s milk.  I kept my sweet sadness to myself, because I’m proud of my son’s independent nature and that he weaned himself on his terms when the time was right.  He’s growing up, and I’m not about to let my feelings get in the way.

Even though I’m still a little misty, I’m so proud of my boy and happy for his perfect development.  And I’m a little bit relieved, too.  Even though it’s he who is moving on to a new phase of babyhood, we’re doing it together.  What’s right for him is also right for me.  And nothing makes me happier than being his mom.

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  1. Yes...I do understand the sadness u feel when ur baby weans off..
    My younger daughter is 10mths old & I'm dreading the day she weans off..but on the other hand it's a sign that the children are growing up rite..


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