Monday, November 8, 2010

A Cold, Windy, Gloomy Day Spent Indoors

When the overcast sky gave way to sleet, I changed my mind on running errands and dragging Nathan out on this cold, windy, dark day. I live in a rural area where it takes about 25 minutes to get anywhere worth going, and running a few errands can take two or three hours. So when the sleet started coming down, staying home was an easy decision to make. Plus, Nathan’s getting over a cold, so it just seemed more kind to keep him indoors today.
There's still some green and fall color in the front yard, despite the gloom.

Nothing but gloom in the backyard.
Instead of bearing the blustery wind and dodging icy sleet, I pressed some leaves...

...and, with a cup of coffee and a sock on my needles, played with the cutest boy on earth.

Daddy had fun with us, too.
It could have only been better if I’d remembered to bake pumpkin cookies.

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