Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yarn Along and Busier than Usual

So it looks like I'm making this week's Yarn Along post do double duty.  It's interesting how, when I'm at my busiest, I have the strongest urge to craft, write and create. It's been hard keeping up at work (I'm a freelance writer with a steady gig for a great client) because of my nusing babe, and I've been using nights and weekends to catch up and stay afloat. (Does he really have to nurse every hour and a half? The answer is yes, and he has the rolls to prove it.)

When I should be coming up for air, I just want to make stuff. But there are kids to care for and play with, meals to cook, a husband to spend time with, and then I should be getting to bed earlier... I'm lucky that I have a husband that shares heavily in the duties around here. But I still pine for more free time. I know that someday all I'll have is time, so I'm trying to shake it off.  The creating is happening, just really slowly.

I'm coming up with a new sock design that is a women's version of my Handsome Men's Slipper Socks:

And have been slowly working on my first sewing pattern. You may have read about a silly little contest on my Facebook page to guess what the pattern will be, based on a photo of the pattern shape. Sally guessed it right -- it's going to be an owl lovey! -- and she will get the very first copy of the pattern when it's ready. Yay, Sally!!

Time to go rest.  And maybe knit a little bit.  Who knows, maybe sometime during 2013 I'll be able to release a new pattern! [I wrote this last night but posted this morning, oops!]

Happy knitting, my friends.



  1. Wow every hour and a half? I've heard of that, but we did not experience that. You must feel like you're burning the candle at both ends!

  2. My last babe was one of those every hour and a halfsies... it does end eventually. At 17 months his nursing has dwindled to only 4 or 5 times a day. Which really isn't that often, comparatively. :)

    I completely understand your need to create when life feels hectic. I'm the same. I can't wait to see the new sock pattern.

  3. Bless your heart you must be beyond exhausted at night but you certainly have a full life :)

  4. I always had a thing for these yarning but never made it right.

  5. Great work. I have tried few times and I couldn’t make it right but my grandmother is an expert in that.


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