Saturday, February 23, 2013

Send-in-your-scrap Wrap Scrap Baby Loafers

Hi friends!  I just wanted to drop in with my newest offering -- Wrap Scrap Baby Loafers that I make with your own wrap scraps! 

For the send-in-your-scrap custom option, your scrap will need to be at least 8" long by the full width of the wrap, or a combination of 8" wide scraps that add up to about 27" or so in length. If you have a bunch of small scraps and are not sure if they're enough to make loafers, take a photo of your scraps with a tape measure running across it and send it to me through Etsy. Let's talk about it!

I'm loving these summer colors.
Thanks for looking and supporting handmade!  I'll be back this week with a fun kids' art activity/craft idea using colored rice and glue.  How could that possibly be messy?!
Your truly,

1 comment:

  1. Love the summer shoes. juts read the post regarding the colored rice too love the idea you have put on it.


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