Monday, January 28, 2013

A New Adventure & Business Venture

Hi friends!  Last week I hinted around on my Facebook page that I'm starting a new business venture involving my sewing machine and I announced it on my Facebook page last night.  I'm relaunching my Etsy shop with a new name and new line of products!  My shop is now called Sew Sweet Studio and I sell custom, made-to-order baby shoes made from woven wrap scraps.

Let me backtrack a bit.  You may (or may not) have noticed that until recently I hadn't blogged in over a month.  I'd been busy with my boys, and in my spare time had been having some fun with my sewing machine.

Separately from that, I've recently fallen in love with wrapping -- something Nathan absolutely hated (thank goodness for the Ergo).  But lucky for me, Tommy likes being wrapped, and it helps us be on the move, get things done when we're busy and snuggle when we're not.  Plus, it saves my arms.  Have I mentioned how big he is?  He reached 17 pounds at 3 months -- my poor arms!

Wrapping is so convenient and there are so many different carries to try. He's even spent some time on my back, which is fun for both of us. And the wraps. Have you seen any of these handwoven wraps in person? Gorgeous.

So gorgeous that I went out on a limb and bought up some scraps.  What will I do with all these handwoven scraps?  Don't think I didn't have a plan.  Baby shoes, of course! 

And this week, I plan to launch another new product, baby loafers.  You can check them out in my Etsy shop, where I make them to order.

So far, I have a handful of wrap scraps to choose from:

Girasol Double Rainbow - Rojo weft
Girasol Light Rainbow Diamond Weave (my personal favorite, pictured above)
Girasol Earthy Rainbow
Girasol Carson's Cove Diamond Weave - Puff weft
BBslen Turkish Delight

I hope you'll take a look and tell your babywearing friends.  Like my Sew Sweet Studio Facebook page for updates!


  1. These are just adorable I love your blog.

  2. Wow, mama! I haven't dared back-carry on Ocie yet... I have to admit that when you mentioned it the other day and I peeped at your store, you took my breath away -- cutting a Girasol!?!?!?!? :) But my, how awesome and sturdy those shoes will be!
    Good work to you!


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