Saturday, November 17, 2012

Living our Lives...Sort of

Hi Friends!  It's been a while since I've posted -- thanks for hanging in there!  We welcomed Baby Thomas in early October, and since then we've been living our lives, only differently than before.  You know, with a newborn in our midst.

Tommy was my Easy Baby, making Nathan look rather demanding when he was a newborn.  What a joy!  After about two weeks he had his days and nights sorted out, nursed on his own regular schedule and wasn't very demanding at all.  And once he could see a little further, he was happy to hang out awake, without being held.  Who knew this was even possible?!

But then, about a week ago, Easy Baby turned into Reflux Baby.  Don't get me wrong -- he's still an easy baby, at least from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.  It's the nights that are intermittently difficult, and we're trying different things to help him to feel better and for us (well, me) to get more sleep.  So I've been pretty busy.

But that doesn't mean that no crafting was happening (at least before the reflux).  I sewed Nathan a pair of slippers from an [intentionally] felted wool sweater, made a crayon roll as part of his upcoming birthday present and started sewing Christmas presents for some friends.  I'm also knitting for this fast-growing baby who's already outgrown his newborn hats.  (He's about 12.5 pounds at 6 weeks! Hello, ninety-second percentile!)

By way of Instagrams (my username is kellypatla), here's what I've been up to since Thomas was born:

Nursing - 1 week old

Wearing handknits - 13 days old
Growing extra chins - 2.5 weeks
Sleeping and wearing handknits simultaneously - 4 weeks
Playing in the sandbox
Going for walks outside
Wearing sunglasses at night (like in the song)
Babywearing in the kitchen
Drawing with five markers at once. This boy needs a haircut.
Perfecting my favorite carry -- the front wrap cross carry -- while celebrating cute bear slippers and wearing my Favorite Sweatshirt of All Time.

Being handsome and sweet, respectively
Being so rediculously cute it almost hurts. While wearing handknits.
Finger painting like a champ.  Wow, he really needs a haircut.
Wondering when the next meal will be. This is the look that asks, "You're going to feed me now, right?"  Easy.  God, I love him.
So, what have you been up to during the last six weeks?
P.S. If anyone has had success soothing a reflux-y baby, I'm all ears. Please share your tips!
P.P.S. Thanks for reading.


  1. So glad to "see" you again! I am only 5 weeks out (today!) from welcoming my babe, and see no blogging in sight! It was good to see what you and yours have been up to and it is all so sweet! Praying that reflux cools down for you all!

  2. Pip my youngest was refluxy. I nursed her in such a way that she was almost sitting upright when I nursed her, if that makes sense! Naturally babuwearing is the best thing. Nursing lying down was a no-no for sometime, so the night feeds found me propped up with pillows. She was also in the crib next to me, so I placed a wedge under her mattress to raise her slightly.

    Some mums have noticed an improvement when cutting out certain foods, noticeably dairy. I also gave Pip homeopathic Chamomila and this settled her during the difficult moments.

    Hope things improve quite soon.


  3. Sorry, I don't have any reflux tips - I am currently pregnant with my first - but I just wanted to say that you're looking great and Thomas is absolutely adorable!

  4. My oldest son was a Reflux baby. I had a baby swing that someone gave me. In the middle of the night when it was the worst and I was too tired to continue holding him in the rocking chair, I would put him in the swing. It held him mostly upright and the gentlest rocking setting seemed to help. I would cat nap on the couch right next to him, so I could hear him but still sleep. He out grew the reflux before he out grew the swing, but never wanted the swing other than in the middle of the night. Hope this passes quickly for all of you.

  5. What a beautiful baby! Congrats! And such great hand knits. Have a wonderful family holiday!

  6. We had a reflux baby and going on zantac did WONDERS for us! She lost her voice at 6 weeks and getting her on meds was so helpful! i hated having to give it to her every day but she was a different baby once we figured it out! Also she slept inclined. Some people say to put something under the mattress on one side but that really didn't help because she would roll and go down to the bottom. She slept in her swing for a long time and eventually was able to sleep well in crib. Good luck! it passes but look at getting meds...I hate meds and boy did they help!

  7. I love his little feed me now face! Adorable. C also had reflux. It didn't start until she was two month old and we switched her from preemie formula to regular formula. We switched because it was so hard to find preemie formula and I wonder if the switch is what triggered it. Baby Zantac and Enfamil Gentlease formula did the trick. She still spit up a lot, but we didn't have the fussiness that went with it. It looks like you're nursing, so a formula won't help you, but maybe a little zantac might. We also put a couple of the small flannel receiving blankets folded up under the head of her bassinet mattress to raise her a bit. Good luck. It will eventually go away on it's own, but it is frustrating.


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