Sunday, February 26, 2012

Something Different

My recent little embroidery project has left me with a taste for something different.  It was so fun, and so fast and so different from what I'm used to -- and it sparked the creativity I felt I've been lacking for weeks.  I stumbled upon a few interesting embroidery patterns (thanks, Pinterest?) and high-tailed it to Joann's over the weekend.

I dug into this pattern today -- a slice of my family tree.  I'd seen the custom screen print from this Etsy shop in Better Homes & Gardens magazine months ago, and when I saw the same embroidery pattern on Pinterest I recognized it right away.  What a great idea!

Pinned Image

But I'm really excited to dig into this design:

Pinned Image

It'll let me try lots of different stitches (most of which I haven't executed yet, but I've read about in Stitch-opedia) and pick and choose what types of stitches will go where.  That's where I find creativity in working on someone else's pattern or idea.

With some new embroidery thread in my collection, I'm suddenly getting all kinds of original cute home decor ideas (yay, my creativity is back!).  I even found some interesting fabrics to try embroidering on while sorting through my closet to donate the clothes I no longer wear. 

We're planning a bedroom makeover in 2013, and my gears are already turning.  I can't wait to share my ideas.  With 2013 seeming so far off -- and still so much to accomplish in 2012 -- who knows when this will be.  Stay tuned, I guess!


  1. What a neat way to show your family tree. I cant wait to see the owl pattern and what you do with it.

  2. That owl pattern is going to be fabulous! I can't wait to see what you coax out of the already beautiful black lines. I know what you mean about creativity taking unplanned breaks. Throws me a little off kilter when that happens. Glad to hear that you've reconnected with your creative mojo.

  3. Beautiful work!! I am passing along the Sunshine Award to you. You can get the details at Thank you for adding some sunshine to my life!


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