Monday, February 20, 2012

Pinterest Love

Unlike everyone else on planet Earth (or so it seems), I've been neglecting my Pinterest account pretty much since I joined.  And pretty severely. 

But over the past few days I've caught up on pinning some good ideas I've found on the 'net and even added a few new pinboards: toddler crafts & activities, sewing projects, embroidery projects, homesteading and gardening

I "hear" people saying (on Facebook, mind you) how addictive Pinterest is, and I'm still not sure if I get it.  I literally use it like a pinboard -- I pin the projects and ideas I want to come back to and then I move on.  Like organized bookmarks.  But I suspect that I've been using it incorrectly -- I think I'm supposed to be compulsively perusing other pins on Pinterest and stalking all my friends' pins.  How about that?

So today I did some perusing and stalking and now I feel like I've been appropriately Pinterestized.  Have you?

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  1. I have been there . . . I assume that the addictive and time consuming part is to look at everyone else's pins, rather than pinning your own items. For me it is also mainly an organising tool that I really like!

  2. My dear Kelly, I'll give you Versatile Blogger Award, because I have a great respect for your work. You can check it out at

  3. I have just started on Pinterest, and I have to say...I agree with you. I just use it to pin things I want to make or come back to, and then shut it down. I do have friends that spend hours looking at other people's pins, but I just don't have the time for that myself.

  4. I would like to pass on to you the Versatile Blogger Award if you are interested...see my post.

  5. I have to be honest, I also have a Pintrest account too and I am still not sure what I'm doing.. Like you I've been using like a pin board for things I like or want to do but other than that? Not much.. I thought thats all it was about? Maybe I'm missing a whole lot? LOL
    Robyn :)

  6. I haven't actually activated my pintrest acct. Mostly because I didn't want to change my FB to the timeline version. I'm not sure I have time to do pintrest just from what I've heard from other people. It sounds addicting!


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