Monday, February 6, 2012

A Boy and His Hat

I finished Nathan's hat recently, but he didn't really get the chance to wear it (with me and my camera around, anyway) until this weekend.  Here's an Instagram recap:


I designed the hat so it can (hopefully) be worn for more than one winter. The striping pattern is supposed to remain the same no matter where you fold up the brim, but I guess the hat is just a little too big for it to work out that way now (or maybe Nathan's head is too small?  Doubt that!)  I'm sure it'll look the way it's meant to next winter.  When I include it in my someday knitting book, I'll be sure to write it for three- to four-year olds instead of two-year olds with larger-than-average head sizes.  :) 

I really liked this Instagram, so I thought I'd add it in, even though it's completely unrelated.  Sometimes life is like that.


  1. The hat is so cute, and your little boy is precious. And what is instagram? I had never heard about it, and today three people in my reader posted about it! That's how these things go, I guess...

  2. Fun post! Those are great photos and the hat, as always, looks awesome. I'm so in awe of your knitting....gonna try one of your sock patterns someday (soon...for me!)

  3. It's a wonderful hat Kelly and I would love to see the pattern in your book!

  4. The hat came out great. I love your little one's red cheeks. So cute! I always believed it was better to make things a little bigger so they can get longer use out of it.

  5. Love that sky! While The Man and I were out for a walk earlier I asked him if he ever thought he could duplicate that color in one of his paintings.


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