Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yarn Along

I'm writing from my special place, which has been taken over by knitting only for the purpose of these photographs.

I'm knitting the second sleeve on a baby sweater for my friend's church's mission. It's the mission's suggested pattern, only I modified it for sport weight yarn instead of worsted, and it's coming out a little bit small.  Okay, a lot small.  So a needy family is going to get a sweater that their new baby can only wear for a max of eight weeks, but it's something.  Right?  Right?!

Maybe next time I'll switch back to worsted, or find a similar pattern that's a tad less boring in its endless garter stitchiness.

The yarn is Knit Picks Organic Cotton in Marshmallow, and you can contact me for the mission's pattern (please consider making one for the Lehigh Valley Outreach Depot -- it's making an impact in my community!)

I'm still reading The Eighty Dollar Champion and I'm loving every second I savor the words and the story.  An amazing pick by my mom.

In case you missed it, yesterday I wrote an update post on our 2012 Stash-busting Challenge.  Check out a few views of my stash and see what I've knitted from it lately -- and link up your own stash-busting projects and WIPs.  I hope to post an update each month, so stay tuned for the next one!

Happy Knitting.


  1. hey, i love neutrals. i also thought the garter stitch was a bit boring,,, until i started my last cowl test. it is full patterns on both rows, making me miss that boring garter badly!!

  2. i have been so inspired by your space. i have been plotting mine sense i read about it. lol
    i really like that yarn, it looks so cozy.

  3. What a wonderful cause to knit for Kelly!
    The sweater is adorable and you know, small babies need sweaters too :)

    Thanks for the Stash link, I don't know how I missed your post, but I did.

  4. it is some of the best knitting i believe. and i love garter stitch, it's my favorite.

  5. I'm sure it will be a welcome gift. Organic cotton sounds wonderful!


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