Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Knitting & Crafting Challenge for 2012

This has been on my mind for a while, and I thought I'd just throw it out there before the holidays.  I know everyone is knee-deep in their holiday knitting and crafting, but what are your plans for 2012?  Are you looking around at your stash and feeling a twinge of guilt for all the money you had spent on yarn or crafting supplies that are still crammed in your craftroom or studio? 

Maybe you're feeling the pinch of the economy (I know I'm feeling it this month), or you're in the mood to be especially thrifty and creative (this is me, too!).  I'm also feeling the pull of WIPs that I set down years ago and finally feel like finishing.

So whatta ya say?  Will you join me in a stash-busting challenge in 2012?  Not to say that you can't buy new yarn or supplies (you can) -- just don't use it.  Yet.  Instead, let's see how long we can go just knitting or crafting from our stashes. 

Do you think you can make it a full year or just a few months?  What will you make?  What WIPs are you remembering about that lurk somewhere deep in your stash?

I can already remember a handful of WIPs before even perusing my stash -- some of them are really old:
  • A baby sweater I couldn't finish before Nathan got too big for it (why do they grow so fast?!)
  • Baby sweater pieces I knitted for no one in particular and didn't seam up
  • Nathan's Fall Jacket (for next fall, as it's way too big!)
  • Felted slippers
  • Baby sweater for my friend's charity

And I have some new projects on my mind that I can make from my stash:
  • Lacey stole
  • Colorwork socks with leftover bits of sock yarn (can't wait to design this one!)
  • Mittens for Nathan
  • Baby sweaters
  • Sewing new buttons on my cableknit sweater; thinking about adding length to the body
I also have several cross stitching projects in progress, and still have some clay leftover from my ceramics class.  I'm going to do my best to use as much of it as I can, purely for fun.  I love a challenge!

Are you in?


  1. I definitely need to finish up my WIPs and make that a focus for next year. My stash isn't terribly large, but I did just order a bunch of yarn for our upcoming baby... I suppose that's technically stash now, right? Thank you for the challenge, and I'd like to keep up with you on this.

  2. What an awesome idea Kelly. I have only been knitting about a year and a half so my stash isn't that large, but I'll do what I can with all my other craft projects....there is a lot of them!

  3. I would say I was in, but I already knit mostly with stash... so... haha! Great idea, though!

  4. I am definitely in! I have already written two posts about using up my stash (my blog is only about a month old) and had decided to do this as well. How much more fun to join in with someone else. If it is OK, I will link to this challenge on my next "using what I have" post.
    Thank you for sharing

  5. I'm in :) I've already been working on my stash reduction plans - not allowed to buy more until I have used up at least a chunk of what I have in stash. I've only bought 7 skeins in the last 6 months or so, which is quite an achievement for me!

  6. I *have* been scratching my head in wonder at the surprising amount of yarn that has accumulated in my drawer and baskets. And am equally baffled by the growing WIPs that are scattered about. Am thinking that this sounds like a fit...

  7. I. am. in. I have a big enough stash to last way more than a year!! I have a few WIP's in my sewing room to keep me busy but breaking the "i'm bored with this project, I should start two more" routine will be hard. I'll stay tuned for what to do next : ) Great idea!

  8. I have a husband who will be THRILLED to hear about this challenge, especially since we just moved and he finally got a view of just how large my stash has become. *blush* My problem is that about a year ago I made a switch to only wanting to use natural fiber yarns, which left my copious amounts of acrylic yarn virtually untouched! I need to eat my pride and use that stuff up, even though it doesn't feel as nice to work with!

  9. Most of my stash is yarn, though I am starting to pile up some other stuff (I got a sewing machine for Christmas and that is probably not going to help the stash). I think this is a great challenge and I want to commit, but can you tell I'm hesitating here? I think personally I'll make it a goal to finish WIPs and make items for myself that I've already bought the yarn for. Thanks for bringing this us and for the challenge.

  10. yes, but I am too far behind on Crisis Christmas Crafting.... so I start after the holidays. I say as I hold my knitting (scarf from leftovers of a cowl) with one hand and type with the other.

  11. i do love this idea and it would be fun to try (emphasis on try) :)
    i don't have too much stash but i do have a few wip's. great idea!

  12. I've got lots of stash and with my new found sock knitting skills I think I can keep myself busy for quite some time! I also use my stash to make Bears for the Mother Bear Project. So I'm 'in' to.

  13. Hi again! I'm so happy! this is the first time I've successfully managed to leave a message on your blog!!!

  14. I'm in!!! This was actually going to be a goal for 2012 (as it was for 2011, but probably broke it by Jan 5!!!) I needed a support group! THanks for providing it!!

  15. I am glad I am not the only one feeling a tad guilty for my recent wool and patterns splurges.
    In 2012 I am going to pay particular attention to no longer buy patterns but create my own or find free ones online. I cannot wait to see what thrifty patterns you will be sharing with us in the near future....count me in!


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