Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fall Sunset & Fun with Instagram

I love fall sunsets, even if they're not as spectacularly colorful as summer ones.  The low angle of the sun is fun to be in -- I feel like the sun is shining just on and for us.  (Although I hate driving when the sun is so low and always shining in my eyes -- that's quite a different feeling!)  I love the fall sunset's orangey hue and the yellowish glow it casts on the fading grass and trees around us.  It just makes me feel good!


It turns out that my iPhone takes pretty good pictures.  They're not as good as the photos my old point-and-shoot Canon takes, but in a pinch, taking photos on my iPhone a good, easy solution.  And it's really fun to use Instagram, a photo sharing application for iPhone. 

I'm not really into apps -- I just use my phone to look things up, go on Facebook and *gasp* make phone calls (shocking, I know) -- but I'm really enamored with this one.  It lets you take square photos and then quickly apply filters to transform the look and feel of the photos.  (You can also crop and use photos you've already taken on your iPhone.)  And then the photos show up in your Instagram feed and you can tweet them, share them on Facebook or send them to people via e-mail.  Really convenient and really fun.

Here's what I did with the photos I took at sunset on Friday night.  I posted the original photo below each one I edited in Instagram.  (Pro tip: You can also choose not to apply a filter to a photo on Instagram and share it as-is.)

This one's my favorite.

I love the old-school feel of this photo.

Old school, again, and it really makes me think about fall compared with the original photo below, which is greener.

Awesome colors and border. This is one of my favorite effects, but it doesn't work well with every photo.

I'm sure you can imagine what happened directly after this photo was taken...

Was that fun, or what?  (I'm sorry if you answered or what.  I thought it was!)

If you're on Instagram, my username is kellypatla, in case you'd like to follow along.  If not, you can still see my pictures -- I tweet some of them on Twitter (KellyPatla).


  1. Instagram is one of my most favorite iPhone apps.

  2. Wow...what fun! Makes me wish I had an iPhone.


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