Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yarn Along – Please Don’t Fall Asleep!

This could be my most boring yarn along post yet – please bear with me!  Today was the kind of workday where I had more work to do than time to do it in and I couldn’t stop thinking about Nathan.  Maybe it’s because I could hear him having fun with our [totally awesome and fun] babysitter from my office.  Some days it really stinks that someone else gets to spend the best hours of the day with my son.  Then by the time I get him back in the afternoon we're both cranky despite one of us having had a nap.  (Clue: It's not me.)  This was one of those days.

And since I didn’t have time to finish all the work I’d wanted to accomplish, I had even less time to take a decent picture of my knitting (or should I say lack of knitting?) in daylight.

Between gardening and watering my garden just about every day, thanks to the obscene heat and humidity we’re having in the northeast, caring for Nathan and the house, working and exercising (I just started back up again!) I’ve barely been knitting.  And I miss it so!  I hope that by next week at this time I can show you the finished second Birds in Flight sock.  I’ve really only just begun.

I’m still enjoying Come to Grief and I just re-opened Moving Toward Balance: 8 Weeks of Yoga with Rodney Yee. After a long time away from a regular yoga practice, I’m getting back into it and it feels great.  I’d recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn yoga, and especially to someone who wants to become a student of yoga and really study it (I do think there's a difference).  But more on my newfound practice another time!


  1. that's really beautiful yarn! good luck with your knitting :) but mostly I hope you'll get more time to spend with your son :) sounds like you're really busy...

  2. I totally hear ya on the heat.

    It's a wonder that anything is growing in my veggie garden with all this heat and humidity!

  3. When I get busy, knitting is the first thing to go for me. It is always such a joy to pick it up again. I feel like I am always searching for balance. The sock yarn is beautiful. Can't wait to see the finished pair of socks.

    Blessings, Elizabeth

  4. Although it's great to have goals... we need to give ourselves a little grace too. Knitting should be fun, so take care of those crazy days, laying down the needles until all is calm again!

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. I think summertime is busy for getting lots of knitting done, at least for me. I hope your next week finds you knitting peacefully :)

  6. This post was far from boring. I can definitely relate to life running around me! The Rodney Yee book sounds wonderful. I must check it out! Good luck getting back into knitting.


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