Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Great Outdoors – the Hummingbird Garden at Dusk

~ If you took seasonal outdoor photos that you love this week, join in and post a link in the comments!  What is the story behind your photos?  Anyone can join in—it's not farm or garden specific—anything seasonal and outdoors goes.  I'm replacing {this moment} with The Great Outdoors while the weather is warm. ~

Dusk has been my favorite time to be outdoors lately.  The temperature is cooler, the light is soft and the sunsets are amazing.  And the hummingbirds—ohhh, the hummingbirds.  I think dusk is their favorite time, too.  They buzz all around my gardens and the pots on my deck, feeding often from my red salvia, lantana, tangerine sage and bee balm.  At dusk, my deck-slash-hummingbird garden is the best place to sit still and watch, read book in the fading light or water the flowers and enjoy the sights and sounds of the nature around me.

Thanks to the pots on my deck, I haven't had to make hummingbird nectar (recipe here) and hang my feeder.

These lantana lure hummingbirds right up to my back door.  I can see them all the way from the kitchen!


This hibiscus flower will bloom tomorrow.

I can't wait for these trumpet vines to bloom.  Hummingbirds love the bright red little trumpets...and I do, too!  Bee balm is on its way out.


  1. Your flowers are beautiful! Thanks for sharing this bit of color.

  2. We just put out a hummingbird feeder too and I totally agree they (and I) love dusk. It's the perfect time of day. Your flowers are beautiful! I wish I had your green thumb! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures with us at Rub Some Dirt On It!


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