Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yarn Along

I finished my April socks two days late, but not a dollar short.  Have a look at them on my knitting blog, all. about. knitting.  (They're Ribbed Ribbons socks from Socks from the Toe Up.)

I already cast on May's socks, my own pattern in Knit Picks Felici fingering weight yarn in colorway Afternoon.  I'm trying to decide if I'll keep them simple and let the colors of the self-striping yarn speak for themselves, or if I'll try to make them more interesting.  I can't decide!  After the super-interesting Ribbed Ribbon Socks, I'm not really in the mood for a boring knit.

Simple or not, I'll share the pattern here, or on my knitting blog, or both.  I'm still reading the Friday Night Knitting Club, and just like someone said in last week's Yarn Along comments, it reached a predictable point, and that's okay.  It's still good.

I have to apologize, because my mind is really on my garden, and not my knitting.  Gardening season is full-swing here, and my needles are put away during the daylight hours and I'm looking for time to steal away outdoors.  There's so much to do and so many thrilling prospects for the garden.  I can't wait to get back out there.

Good knitting (after dark),


  1. Love the colours in that skein :)
    I read the Friday night knitting club a few years ago - and I enjoyed it.

  2. the yarn is absolutely amazing!
    I made myself promise I won't buy any more yarn before I use all my stash, but I broke that rule last week by buying some green yarn for my blanket (it really needed a bit of green in it) and now I might break it again and buy some of that gorgeous yarn you're using... :D

  3. If you aren't in the mood for boring knitting then make them interesting. I think you'll enjoy the whole project more that way.
    I'm with you on the gardening!

  4. what fun colors! Go simple and make it easy on yourself! There is gardening to be done!

  5. I love that colourway - can't wait to see what you do with it! xo

  6. I know what you mean about wanting to focus on gardening... It has been raining since yesterday though and is supposed to through Friday - so perfect knitting weather.
    Warm wishes,

  7. That yarn looks exactly like something my girls would go nuts for - must work through stash - being good is so hard. I understand completely about the gardening, when my exams are done Monday... looks longingly at the garden...

  8. My garden is pulling me outside all of the time right now too. It is raining today and I am actually glad! It keeps me inside

  9. Oh, the yarn is so cheerful!

  10. wow....these colours! would love to see the finished!
    much love, d.


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