Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's Only Temporary

This afternoon while Nathan napped I set up a temporary pottery glazing station by the window in the dining room, since my craft room has become crowded with boxes and boxes of baby clothing we evacuated from Nathan's closet during the great washing machine flood of 2011.

I glazed my toadhouse in relative peace with the sole company of a glass of iced coffee.  Glazing pottery is so relaxing, and I enjoy it so much more in daylight than I do by incandescent light at night.  I also glazed two lady bug pendants that I'll string on some black hemp cord.  I'll take before- and after-the-kiln photos so you can see how amazing the firing process is.

These are the buttons I got back from the kiln this week.  I don't know what I'll knit someday to go with them, but I'll think of something that only requires five large-ish buttons.  I also got back two small plates from the kiln, but I don't really love them so they're nothing to write home about.

My little glazing station is only temporary -- I'll have to pack it up before I go to bed at night, lest the cats knock things over and destroy my totally cool, garden-worthy toadhouse.  (T.J. found me a toad last week -- I hope he sticks around long enough to move into the condo!  Even moreso, I hope he is a she who will have babies!)  (Sidenote: The cats are on my last nerve -- they're lucky they still live inside the house.)

The stations' temporariness (it's a real word, I checked) made me think about how the chaos of this week is also temporary.  Of course it was made worse by cats who can't seem to find the litterbox when there's a little chaos in the house.  (Did I mention that I've about had it with these cats?)

Soon we'll have a new washing machine, the house will be back in order and hopefully Nathan's carpet will be dry and non-smelly.  And you know what?  Even if the capet has to be ripped out and replaced, it's just carpet -- it won't be the worst thing that could ever happen to us.  Eventually the boxes will leave my craft room-slash-office and return to Nathan's closet.  Maybe we'll come out of this as good as new.  Either way, just like my dining room glazing station, this situation is only temporary.  Thank God.

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