Thursday, April 14, 2011

Loving Nature Already

I am thrilled that Nathan already seems to love nature.  At just 16 months, he loves to be outdoors and cries by the front door when he wants to go outside.  I can’t unlock the door for our babysitter or run out to grab something from the car without him losing his mind.  I can’t even casually look out the door’s window when he’s around.  Forget about sticking your head out the front door to see what the temperature is like.  And although it can be a little inconvenient, I love that my son loves to be outside.  Just like me.

We had our first real nature walk the other day—the kind where he picks up the things he finds and caries them with him for as long as he can manage it.  I had fun snapping these photos as he waved around seedpods from our beloved Indian Cigar tree and tasted a pinecone.

It was such a nice time.


  1. looks that he thoroughly enjoyed nature walk...he looks happy and fresh....
    ur ceremics look beautiful.....great tht u r finding time for yourself....hope to see more of your creations soon..

  2. Oh my goodness - what a cutie he is! And a cool dude no less, skull hoodie and all. My youngest two have teamed up to plan their escapes. The 4-year-old opens the door, and cheers on the 2-year-old as she makes her escape. They are keeping me on my toes!


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