Monday, April 11, 2011

Interchangeable Seasonal Wreath for Spring

Spring is here—even though the temps aren't rising much and I've barely seen the sun latelyand it's time to redecorate my Interchangeable Seasonal Wreath for spring.

I took down the bittersweet, pinecones and pine branches from my winter wreath and added fresh pussy willow branches.  I used fresh, pliable branches so they'd bend to match the shape of the wreath.  They're drying now, and I expect that they'll hold this shape so I can use them again next year.  (I'm all about being resourceful—I even saved pinecones this winter.)

Remember the little felted bluebird I created for my winter wreath?  It's so easy for me to call these creations "he," but he is actually a "she."  And she'll be a mama soon, thanks to the two little needle felted eggs I just placed in her spring nest.

This season's wreath is simple, and that's the idea.  I love getting inspiration from nature and bringing the outdoors in, even if it means recreating what's out there in here with wool.  (What, no one has a pet bluebird they'd like to loan me?  I'd return him at the beginning of summer.)

I've placed this little birdie along with her eggs and nest in my shop.  Maybe someone else would like to add them to a wreath or place them on a nature table in spring.

Now that the house is fully decorated for spring, my mind is already on what I'll do for summer.  Do you look forward to the changing of the seasons as much as I do?

Happy Spring,


  1. I love it. I love working with grapevine wreaths.


  2. my wreath arrived yesterday. we all love it!!! it brings just the splash of color we needed in these grey rainy spring days. thank you so very, very much!!

  3. Rae, I'm so glad you like it!!

  4. this is so so sweet, i love it!


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