Saturday, February 26, 2011

Interchangeable Seasonal Wreath - Winter

I was late in making my Interchangeable Seasonal Wreath for winter because nearly two feet of snow covered all my fun decorating materials. The idea behind my Interchangeable Seasonal Wreath is to use the same wreath all year round, but decorate it differently for each season. This means attaching your decorations, which can be found in nature, handmade or purchased, in a temporary fashion so the wreath can be reused again and again.

I like this idea because I don't need find space to store four (or more!) different wreaths, and I can toss most of the decorations out the back door when I'm done with them.  (The biodegradable ones found in nature, that is.)

Here is how I decorated my Interchangeable Seasonal Wreath for winter.

I gathered some new pinecones, evergreen sprigs that came down in all our heavy snow, freshly cut bittersweet and my naked willow branch wreath...

...and used 28-gauge florist's wire to attach the pinecones, evergreen sprigs and bittersweet to the wreath.  Beforehand, I created a little bird's next from a willow tree branch with the help of a glue gun and secured it to the wreath with the wire. 

Then I set to work on the nest's occupant... This was probably the most fun part. 

With some blue roving (striated with lime green, purple and strands of silverthis will be quite the free-spirited bird!) and help from Little Felted Animals by Marie-Noelle Horvath, I created my approximation of an Eastern Bluebird.

Here she is, a little more than half-way through:

The finished product, looking through the lace out the window:

Here is my finished winter wreath:

Even though winter is almost over, I'm glad I followed through on my winter Seasonal Interchangeable Wreath. It's a great way to celebrate the seasons, we still have a whole month of winter left and I'm going to reuse the bird and her nest in spring. She'll be "laying" some eggs very soon!


  1. looks great!!!!!!!!!!
    I still have to meet the wool lady at the springtown market!

  2. I am getting ready to change over my wreath outside, too....I finally found a place in town that carries...PUSSYWILLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love the bird! So beautiful on the wreath.

  4. Beautiful- it turned out so nicely-

    Lovely to meet you!

  5. Thank you! Ren, it's nice to "meet" you too!


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