Thursday, February 3, 2011

Defining Creating a Family Home, Feedback Welcome

My blog has somewhat been hijacked by knitting recently, so I wanted to regain my focus today on what Creating a Family Home really means. I think each time I try to describe it I’m not really able to say it just right. I’m hinting about it and dancing around it, but I’m not hitting it out of the park. But now I think I’ve got it.

Creating a family home is not just the tasks of homemaking. It’s about being creative for your family and making your home a positive, nurturing place for growing and learning. It’s about giving your family an enriched life.

As mothers, we’re not supposed to slog through life, one day the same as the next, just looking to get through the day… only do to all the same things the next day, the drudgery never changing and the sour attitude possibly affecting our children. Then what would we have to look back on near the ends of our lives? What good was it all for? Will it have been worth celebrating? Will our children look back at their childhoods and have warm memories of good times at home?

That’s why we have to take the time to enjoy what we’re doing now. Every day is a good day, a day with something fun or interesting to do. We have our rhythms, routines, rituals and habits, but we also must have spontaneity, fresh ideas and inspiration. I’m inspired by nature, so creating a family home for me means decorating for the seasons and making seasonal meals for my family. What does creating a family home mean to you?

Those are the kinds of changes and activities I’m talking about—things that warm up our home and contribute to the security and love I keep hinting about in my posts. This will mean seasonal crafts and activities as Nathan gets old enough to participate and appreciate, and lots of outdoor play, swimming and exploring.

As mothers, we need to do things that make us happy, too. If we’re happy, we’ll raise happy children. So that’s why I knit, and why my blog keeps getting hijacked by my knitting. Through knitting I also help keep my family warm and show them how much I love them. The creativity involved in creating a family home also contributes to my happiness and enjoyment in being home.

Do you love creating your family home? I created these buttons for anyone who wants to follow along with me on this creative process.

So I ask, what do you want to hear more about? What are you sick of reading? Are the nature photos killing you? What does creating a family home mean for you and your family? I’m definitely interested in my readers’ feedback—I want to know who you are and what you’re looking for as a resource or for inspiration. Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


  1. I enjoy trying to create a home that is comforting and memorable for my daughters. For example, this is how we decorated for Valentine's Day:

    I also like to do fun things with them that hopefully they'll remember when they're baking together. Here's something we did for Chinese New Year:

  2. Harvest Moon, I love your projects! Thanks for visiting. : )

  3. I love hearing about anything..i love knitting pics.


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