Friday, December 24, 2010

Yarn Along

So this week my Yarn Along (started by Ginny of small things) is two days late.  The Christmas knitting is done and I’m working on my first post-Christmas project; it’s actually a Christmas present for a friend I won’t see until the second weekend in January.  I’m hoping I can churn out one sock per week and meet my self-imposed deadline.  Here’s the beginning of Butterfly Socks from Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy Johnson.

Tonight I finally finished my husband’s Christmas gloves.

And last week I finished the multi-colored socks, a Christmas gift for my friend Rebecca at Bending Birches.

I feel like I’ve been churning out a ton of knitting but don’t have photo records for all of it. I knitted a hat for our babysitter and realized that I forgot to take a picture for my Finished Objects page before wrapping it.  Maybe she’ll oblige me and model it for a photo after the holidays.

This winter I plan on knitting as many pairs of socks as possible, as gifts and for myself and my family.  I got this crazy idea to knit socks for the seasons, to go along with my seasonal theme.  Why not?  The color of the butterfly socks fits the theme, and I’ll share my upcoming seasonal sock projects as I cast them on.

Until then, happy post-Christmas knitting, my friends!

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