Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nathan’s first birthday party; the farmer is in

Nathan’s first birthday party was a time to celebrate and reflect on the past year. He seemed like he had fun playing and interacting with his first and sweetest friend, Gino, and enjoyed his first taste of homemade, real chocolate cake.

The old-fashioned chocolate cake recipe came from America’s Test Kitchen; the crown, from Mum Paints Lives; and the sweater, knitted from Zoë Mellor’s Adorable Knits for Tots.
Our guests seemed to be enjoying each other’s company, and there was more than enough food and snacks to go around.

Lookit Grandpa cheating on Nathan with adorable little Nora!

My husband shot some really good video of Nathan opening the generous gifts from our friends and family and smearing chocolate cake on his face while it was en route to his mouth.

One of my gifts to Nathan was Farmer Fred, a take on the Dapper Dan doll I had when I was little.

It’s based on the 12-inch doll in the round pattern from Wee Folk Art. I used brown yarn for overalls and black for shoes and embellished him with straps for the overalls that Nathan can button and unbutton when he’s older, a neckerchief…

…and a handkerchief I knitted out of fingering-weight yarn to go in his pack pocket.

My husband suggested I make him some green muck boots to make him look more farmer-like. A pitchfork would have been nice, but he’s too young for such a potentially pointy accessory.

Now I’m off to prepare for our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow and welcome our out-of-town guests tonight.  So much to do, so little time!   We have more than ever to be thankful for this year, and I’m glad we get to spend Thanksgiving with both of our families this year – a new Patla family tradition!


  1. happy birthday dear nathan...i was waiting for this post.....congratulations to mama and are beautiful...loved the one in which nathan is enjoying his chocolate cake....though u haven’t put a close-up of the cake but i could see that it was simply delicious....doll looks really smart......i have shown nathan's pics to mishu and he can't say nathan properly and calls him baby....sometimes when he sees me working on laptop he comes and asks me to show "baby".....he's asleep now but tomorrow i'll show him these pics...and surely he'll sing "happy happy"....i noticed Winnie the pooh on table cover and nathan's high chair....mishu is going to notice that...he loves pooh......our wishes and love for nathan and mishu is sending his tight hugs for him....have a great time with ur family

  2. Thanks so much Himadri! Mishu is so sweet to want to see pictures of Nathan!

    I meant to include a photo of Nathan in his crown and had problems with the post... I'll go back and add it now. It shows a better look at the cake, too.

    We love Pooh here, too. Nathan thinks he's a dog, so he says 'woof woof' at him. Haha!

  3. Happy birthday to ur boy..he looks so happy..!
    Farmer Fred looks very cute..was it hard to knit..?

  4. Thanks, Graywolfie! The doll was an easy knit, especially before the details. The pattern was well-written!


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