Friday, November 19, 2010

A Boy is About to Turn One

I haven’t posted in a while and missed this week’s Yarn Along because I’ve been getting ready for Nathan’s first birthday party on Saturday.

The birthday crown idea came from Mum Paints Lives.
In my free time (insert cynical laugh here), I’ve been weaving in all the ends on my Gallatin Sweater and trying to finish the gloves in time for my husband’s birthday, which is just over a week away. Once I’m past the party, I need to finish getting ready for Thanksgiving, and that means sewing together my felted leaves napkin holders. I really don’t enjoy sewing, so… that’s why that hasn’t been done yet.

With my work schedule and feverish knitting (Nathan’s farmer doll is complete—here’s a peek at him. I’ll show the whole project after the big reveal at Nathan’s birthday party), I had to cop out and buy most of the decorations and food.

My farmer doll details are built on the 12-inch doll in the round pattern from Wee Folk Art.
However, I did make his birthday crown, some festive stars from the Magic Onions and an old-fashioned chocolate cake entirely from scratch.

I’ll be sure to share photos from Nathan’s first birthday celebration soon. I can’t believe my little boy is about to turn one.


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  2. love ur creations.....these stars are son loves stars so i'll make these (once i am done shifting to another place)......really waiting to see how this crown looks on Nathan....i wrote in ur last post as well but it did not show.....anyways i love the doll too....i don't know how to knit the dolls but after seeing urs i'll give it a try...
    enjoy the process of creating and planning for celebrations


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