Sunday, March 10, 2013

Woven Wrap Chopping and Hemming Services at Sew Sweet Studio

Sew Sweet Studio now offers woven wrap chopping and hemming services!  If you want your woven wrap shortened, send it to me, and I will chop it to your desired length and professionally hem it. 

I will move the middle markers if they had been sewn on after the rails were hemmed by the manufacturer (like Didymos's wraps).  For wraps with middle markers that are incorporated into their rails' hems (Girasol, Natibaby), I will leave the original middle markers in place and add a small piece of ribbon to mark the middle, if that's what you desire.

There are lots of reasons to chop and hem a woven wrap:
  • Your wrap is too long, but you love the color or pattern and just can't part with it, even though you rarely use it.
  • You love your hard-to-find wrap, but don't like the long length -- and, stalk the Facebook swap as you might, you just can't find it in a shorter length.  (I know, first-world problems!)
  • You're tired of dragging long tails in parking lots and stores and would prefer a shorty.  Hemming your long wrap is much more affordable than buying another, shorter wrap.  Plus, you'll get a scrap out of the deal, which you can sell or use to make something.
  • Your baby is now a toddler and you have no need for really long wraps.  Make 'em into shorties!
To get your woven wrap chopped and hemmed, visit my Etsy shop, Sew Sweet Studio, and click on Woven Wrap Chopping and Hemming Service.

Like Sew Sweet Studio on Facebook for updates on services and new products, plus woven wrap scraps to choose from and specials.

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