Friday, June 15, 2012

Easier the Second Time + Some Alternations

In between all the baby knitting, I've been sewing some of my own maternity clothes.  I'm making another version of a dress I still haven't showed you (sorry about that), except it's a shirt instead of a dress.  And I have to say, its complex construction is so much easier the second time around.  I enjoyed making the first one, however long it took me (I promise I'll show it soon -- I just need to find someone to take my picture!), and now I'm really enjoying making it a second time. 

I've found that, for a new sewer, the most time-consuming portion of sewing is laying out the pattern pieces and cutting the fabric -- and understanding and digesting the pattern instructions.  Butterick labeled this pattern 'fast and easy,' but when my mom took one look at it she said something to the effect of, "Oh, I don't know if you'll be able to do this."  Oh, Mom.  You know me.

I didn't take that as a challenge (maybe I would have if I were much younger), but maybe it's because I had already challenged myself.  Sure, I was still learning basic sewing techiques and trying out skills I've never used before... but I can read, I know how to use my sewing machine and I have fortitude.  These three things are all I need!

It's nice to sail through this shirt having already digested the instructions and understanding its construction.  Although I can't say the same about cutting out the pieces -- even though I bought the right amount of fabric, I had trouble lining up my pattern pieces so they'd all fit, no matter how I tried.  I had planned on altering the strap length and width anyway, so I made these alterations on the fly so I could start cutting and sewing.  Let's hope it turns out the way I expect!

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  1. When my mom first started sewing she found it hard to decide on what fabric to pick. It's funny because you would think the actual work with hand eye coordination would be what was hard for. It wasn't it was making a decision.


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