Friday, May 25, 2012

A Turning Point to Remember

Today marks the beginning of the Memorial Day weekend and a turning point for our family (sort of).  While most people I know are spending the holiday weekend with their families, hopefully outside with grilled eats and good beer, my husband is working crazy hours and Nathan and I are left to our own devices.  It's the start of a summer full of weekends like this.
And since the timing is just right, we're embarking on a potty training adventure this weekend.  Four days without plans to laze around near the comforts of home... and I have to say, so far I'm enjoying it.
First day in undies. My most popular photo on my Facebook page in a while!

I was a little nervous going in, not 100 percent sure how it'd go and if Nathan would be cooperative.  It turns out that it's going quite well (although we're only about 6 hours in at this point), and I'm enjoying the alonetime and closeness with my boy.  We're doing everything together and it's just the two of us.
Rockin' out in his undies.

My boy.  My first boy.  Just how did he get so big?  And capable?  And independent?  I just love every quality about him.  (Aside from the fact that he's in his crib wide awake when he's supposed to be napping. D'oh!)  I'm so proud of the big boy my little boy is becoming. 
Undies have plenty of good uses.

What a feeling, to continually be in such awe of this person we created ourselves and are raising to effectively take our place on this earth.  I look forward to watching him continue to grow and develop into someone to truly admire.  Us parents are so lucky.

P.S. This weekend I'm also remembering the men and women who died serving our country, and those who are still serving, willingly, today.  We owe them so much.

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