Friday, May 18, 2012

Fancy seeing... ME here!

Hi everyone!  I've been remiss in posting lately, but I'm sure you can all guess why... It's hard work being pregnant, the mom of a two-year old, manager of a household and part-time self-employed individual.  When I collapse onto the couch exhausted every night after my son goes to bed, I've had to make a choice -- blog or craft?  And clearly I've chosen crafting, for if I used my scant energy resources for blogging I'd eventually run out of crafts to write about!
But please know that  I haven't forgotten about my friends and followers.  There's so much I've wanted to share with you, but just haven't had the time or energy.  I hope some of you are still following along with our 2012 Stash-busting Challenge.  I've been on a bit of a knitting hiatus while learning to use my sewing machine, but I picked up my needles last night and cast on a brand new baby project, thanks to friend Katrina, who kindly and generously gifted me a Carina Spencer pattern eBook.  What an amazing gift!!  I love the patterns and am almost finished with the bonnet.

It's also invigorating to know who I'm knitting for -- we found out yesterday that our new baby will be a boy!  We're so happy Nathan will have a little brother and I can't wait to see them interact when baby's old enough.  Now it's much easier to pick pattern and yarn choices from my stash -- no more neutrals for us!
The ultrasound technician tried to get us an image of baby's face, but he wasn't having it.  This was our first-ever 3D ultraound -- amazing!

Soon I hope to show my next batch of knits (from my stash, of course!) and the maternity clothing I've been sewing for myself.  I've found sewing to be fun and rather technical, much different than knitting, and not nearly as relaxing.  But it's been a nice change of pace and I'm eager to show off my newbie skills.

Thanks for sticking by me, and look forward to getting back into this space very soon.

Your friend,

P.S. I've still been active on my Facebook page, sharing some of my crafts and our outdoor activities, and of course, Instagrams!


  1. Hello Kelly, glad to hear that all is well with you. Can't wait to see the maternity clothes you have been making! I agree with you about sewing not being as relaxing as knitting!! Don't forget to get lots of rest - while you still can.

  2. Hi Kelly,
    Congratulations !! I so understand about having no energy left at the end of the day.. I just started blogging again after a month myself. Sometimes, there just isn't enough time.. How long before you son is due to arrive? Loved the ultrasound photo.. What a blessing :)

    1. Thanks, Robyn! Our new baby is due near the end of September. :) Can't wait to meet him!


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