Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pinned It, Did It #3: Embroidered Family Tree & BIG NEWS!!!

It seems like it's been forever since I've written a post -- well, two weeks, but that seems like forever in the Internet age, right?  Or maybe just to busy moms, who get so much accomplished in two weeks they can't believe that only two weeks have passed.  Either way, thanks for sticking around and for reading! 

Today I have my third Pinned It, Did It project to share with you, plus some really big news!

The project is an embroidered family tree:

The pattern is from Cozy Blue, an etsy shop I'd read about in Better Homes & Gardens a few months ago.  It has mine and T.J.'s names in the middle, the date we started our family on one leaf (our wedding day), Nathan's name in another leaf.... and then there's a blank leaf awaiting a name.

You may have figured it out -- this is our big news -- we're expecting baby number two!!!  We couldn't be more happy and excited.  Baby is due in late September and I'm almost 15 weeks along. 

So that's one of the reasons why I haven't been around much lately -- a little exhaustion, a lot to do and some time-consuming sewing projects. (If you follow my Facebook page or Twitter, you already know that my sewing machine has been giving me problems and that's been taking up more time than the actual sewing. But I dropped it off at the shop today, so hopefully I'll be up and running again soon with more Pinned It, Did It projects to share with you.)

So, back to the embroidery. The pattern is fun and easy and works up quickly.  Some of the water-soluble pen has come back, so I need to work on that a bit more and iron and finish the back of the piece.

I really enjoyed the change of pace -- I find embroidery really relaxing.  I've recently pinned some other really cute embroidery projects, most of which I hope to use in the new baby's nursery.  But don't worry, I'll find out the baby's sex before I begin working!

I've been adding more pins lately, including some baby-related pins that I found out have recently sparked some curiosity among my friends (I only announced my pregnancy to the "public" yesterday) -- so please have a look and follow along if you'd like!

Here's today's Instagram (Instagram is a photo-sharing iPhone app, in case you didn't know):

It was my sneak peek of today's announcement.  If you use Instagram, please find me and I'll follow you back!  My username is kellypatla.  I love looking at other people's pictures.  Hope you do, too!


  1. What a cute Family Tree! CONGRATULATIONS on your new addition!

  2. Congratultions Kelly, that is super news! I hope you are feeling well and enjoying this time! :)

  3. Well. Congratulations on the impending new bambino! I remember only too well the exhaustion of the first trimester. I didn't know it was possible to sleep that much!
    I love the family tree that you've done.

  4. Heartiest Congratulations to you and your expanding family! I am really so pleased to hear and share your good news xxxx

  5. Congratulations! How exciting - can't wait to see what amazing things you make for the new little one.

  6. How exciting! Congratulations!

  7. Congratulations! Very exciting news to announce (I've just done it too! ;)
    The family tree is such a lovely idea!

  8. Congratulations! Hope that your energy levels return soon. I finally am feeling myself and am only a few weeks ahead of you. Hooray for babies!

  9. That's a wonderful family tree and congratulations on the new 'leaf' announcement! What a lovely way to announce it!

    I was exhausted until about 20 weeks with both of mine, I hope you get your energy back soon, and if not that you get plenty of rest!


  10. Congrats on your surprise! I'm due with #2 in September, also. Hope you're feeling better and more energized soon. :)

  11. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! This is fabulous, beyond-big news!

    I chuckled at how you foreshadowed your announcement here, and on Pinterest. Clever, you!

    And your readers are going to be in for a treat with the things you are going to be inspired to create, no doubt :-)


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