Thursday, March 8, 2012

Favorite Things Friday: The Tale of Peter Rabbit

I've been meaining to start a "favorite things"-type post because I've recently come across so many things that I really like and I feel like blathering on about them.  So here's my first one: The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

Barnes & Noble brought this book to my attention with a carefully placed display in the middle of the store's main isle -- and I fell for it, hook, like and sinker.  I mean, how can one resist bunnies?  Especially this close to Easter?  Their merchandizers really know what they are doing.

The book is a new (2002) but original and authorized version that uses Beatrix Potter's original paintings and intentions but employs new techniques in printing and design to reproduce the colors and details of her watercolor paintings more accurately than ever before. It even includes two of her paintings that have never been included in the book before.

This little book is printed on smooth, quality paper using a period typface that almost makes me feel like I could be reading it back in 1902 England when it was originally printed. And of course the lesson learned makes it a valuable teaching -- just as soon as Nathan can grasp the concept.

Copyright Frederick Warne & Co. / Beatrix Potter

For now, we're happy to read this book together several times a day.  I can tell by the way Nathan cranes his neck to see that he's enjoying the super sweet illustrations, and I'm enjoying the text and the feel of this smooth, precious little book in my hands.  Some of the language is really great -- some sparrows "implored [Peter] to exert himself" when he was caught up in a gooseberry net.  I mean, come on!

This week, this book is one of my favorite things, and I hope it stays that way for a long time.  Kinda like Goodnight Moon -- I still love it, even though we read it every night before bed.  And I mean every single night.  I just love these old school books.  How lucky are we to have such easy access to these treasures?

P.S. The Tale of Peter Rabbit is giving me some really good ideas for Nathan's Easter basket. It'll probably entail another trip back to Barnes & Noble, plus some creativity on my part.  Stay tuned!!


  1. We love Beatrix Potter too - our ducks are called Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter (and Old Mrs Rabbit too, strangly enough!) There's something so good about the original drawings and lovely turn of phrase. Hope you enjoy the takes for many years to come (my almost 5 year old loves it as much now as he ever did) :)

  2. My younger son loved those books as well. In kindergarten, they were allowed to bring home one library book per day (that they were at school of course) and he chose a Beatrix Potter every day for months. We never did buy them, but I plan to when I am a Gramma some the distant future as they are only 9 and 12 now.

  3. I live about 40 miles away from Beatrix Potter's House. When I go, would you like me to send you a photo? The house and gardens remain exactly as they are in the book. You can almost see Peter Rabbit scamperinga about in the corner of your eye! Let me know!

    1. Oh my gosh, I would LOVE to see what her house and gardens look like! Thanks so much for the wonderful offer -- you're too kind!! :)

  4. Oh, that has always been one of my favorite things. I remember going to the library as a young child and taking out the different Beatrix Potter books. In fact we did our daughter's nursery (and now bedroom) in a Beatrix Potter theme due to my love of Peter Rabbit.

  5. We love her books too. As we live in the North West of England, we went over to The World of Beatrix Potter a couple of years ago

    It was lovely and had lots of her characters to see.


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