Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yarn Along

Last weekend I broke out my yarn swift for the first time and wound a ball of wool for a secret project.  So clearly I can't say much about the knitting, but I can show off the luxurious yarn.

It's worsted weight wool I had in my stash from Brambleberry Yarns and it's been dyed with goldenrod.  The color is called Sunshine and it's an intoxicating shade of yellow that seems to change in the light in ways I've never seen yarn colors change before.  Sometimes it's really warm and buttery, and other times it's cool and lemony, and other times it's shades in between.  Each one is lovely, and the yarn is knitting up so beautifully that I can't wait to see this garment on the recipient.  You'll get a more complete view of the finished object someday.

Tonight I hope to cast on a butternut squash for Nathan's kitchen set.  The apple and pear I knitted him recently are so sweet, and he actually plays with them -- a first for a knitted object.  Even if he didn't play with them, I like looking at them in his kitchen set from across the room so much that I'd still enjoy them immensely.  I can't wait to get started!  All three free patterns are from Linda at Natural Suburbia

I don't think I ever shared my pear finished object report.  The pattern is fun to work, easy to execute and knits up fast -- it was a real joy to knit and I highly recommend it!  The apple was fun, too, but for some reason the pear was slightly more fun.  Maybe it's because of its fun, really cute shape.  (You can see the apple in my 2012 Stash-busting Challenge graphic at the bottom of this post.)  All are great stash-busters.


  1. What a super idea Kelly! My husband made a kitchen for the wee one here, but she doesn't have any food so now I know what to do! Thank you.
    Happy Yarn Along.

  2. Those patterns are on my To Knit list too. I was all set up to go on the apple some time ago, but then I got distracted by - what was it? - something shiny no doubt.

    That yarn is gorgeous! I tried dyeing some felt with goldenrod but it didn't turn out anywhere as beautiful as that yarn.

  3. i love that knitted food! maybe i will have to go check that out!

  4. It is the day for lovely spring colours on yarn along this week. Yellow is a colour I have yet to work with, except once in stripey socks. I think I need to get back to some colour once my stash bashing is well under way. Can't wait to see the project, I am intrigued.
    Thanks for sharing

  5. Secret project? I love the suspense. You have a lovely color of yarn for a surprise :)

  6. That is a pretty yellow yarn. And love the pear!

  7. That yarn is pretty awesome, I can see how it changes in the light. Did you dye it yourself? Care to share how? lol
    btw, I am making your toddler hat and posted about it in this week's yarn along :-)

    1. I didn't dye it myself -- the talented Cynthia at Brambleberry Yarns did! I guess I should have been more clear. :)

      So glad you're mkaing my hat -- I'll definitely go take a look!

  8. i love yellow wool, yours looks lovely!

  9. The yellow wool is wonderful, I love yellow! Thank you so much for linking Kelly, your pear looks beautiful.

  10. That yellow yarn is so beautiful, a really lovely shade!


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