Friday, January 6, 2012

Winter Sunset

Winter sunsets aren't nearly as glorious and colorful as summer ones, but Nathan and I hit the jackpot with tonight's beautiful sunset. We ran around our special place on the farm and played while the sun got lower and lower in the sky, and as the sun sunk past the horizon we ran for a second story deck for the best view of the sunset and surrounding fields.

I caught these unedited photos with my cell phone camera from ground level.  The sky told me it was going to be a good day for photos, even before the sun reached the horizon.

I love the orangey-yellow glow the winter sunset casts on the fields and trees around us.

This is when we hightailed it to the deck for a better view.  The sun was really moving!

The colors got even better after the sun set; oranges gave way to pinks.

Even Nathan was transfixed by the colors, for a few seconds at a time, at least.  I love this one. Do you see the moon, covered by a pink haze?

How I wished I'd had my real camera with me, or had access to a better camera with a panoramic lens.  After the sun set, we had a 360-degree view of pink clouds.  It was breathtaking and glorious.  Definitely a moment for us to soak up and take in.

Happy weekending!


  1. Gorgeous Kelly, the light is wonderful!

  2. Very pretty! We have been having some awesome sunsets here to and now they are calling for severe thunderstorms on Wednesday!

    PS- I got the code to work! :)


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