Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yarn Along and Contest Winner

You can see that I haven’t made much progress on my Edwardian Boating Socks since last week.  Not because of that little brown strip of garter stitch, but because of these:

These are the results of my latest pattern (scheduled for release on Monday!), and it’s called Treasure Pouch.  What toddler or young child wouldn’t love a soft pouch to collect all of his or her most precious belongings?  I can picture Nathan collecting acorns, walnuts (dubbed green nuts, or as Nathan calls them, neen nuts) and more…although for now he’s been stuffing them with our play silks and happily pulling them back out again.

The pattern is written for two different gauges (sport and DK) to get you two different sized pouches, and you can choose between the heart motif and Xs and Os—both motifs work at both gauges.

As you might remember, I’m giving the pattern away to the first person who correctly guessed what the half-finished product was in last week’s Yarn Along post.  Are you ready to find out who the contest winner is? 

You may have a vague notion that no one guessed “pouch,” so I’ll go to the next obvious choice, which is bag.  A pouch is a bag, just like a square is a rectangle.  Six different people guessed bag, so I’m awarding the prize to the most specific guess, and that was gift bag, by The Evolving Homemaker.  I began designing this pouch as a gift bag that is to be part of the gift.  I intend to fill the green pouch with some other goodies and send it off in the mail tomorrow.  It morphed into a Treasure Pouch when I realized what fun Nathan could possibly have with one!  So the brown one will be his after it comes back from Knit Picks headquarters. 

Thanks to everyone who entered the guessing contest—I had fun reading your guesses throughout the day!  If you’re interested in the pattern, please do come back for it on Monday.

As always, I’m linking up with Ginny on Small Things on Wednesday.

P.S. - The brown strip of garter stitch is the beginnings of Nathan's fall jacket, EZ's Tomten Jacket.  More on that next week!

P.P.S. - I'm still reading An Irish Country Doctor.


  1. I love the treasure pouch pattern!

  2. The bag is really adorable Kelly. You are right, what child wouldn't love to put treasures in it! xx

  3. Oh, phooey, see the fabulous opportunities that I miss when I've been too busy? These treasure pouches are WONDERFUL, *and* full of wonders, by the sounds of it! My littles LOVE hauling around their treasures in such pouches, so I can attest to how big of a hit your pouches will be with the young fry!


  4. The pouches looks nice! The brown garter strip (looks very blue in the photo) will be?

  5. The pouches are so cute and I could see these being great gifts for the holiday season!

  6. I made a few of those pouches but they were a little smaller...great to keep small treasure's:)Great Job!!


    A Knitters Notebook

  7. That looks like a walk-in-the-woods necessity!
    Nice pattern!

  8. Darling bags! My girls would adore them. My little boy, too, for that matter! Happy Day to You!

  9. What a sweet little project! I think that my kids just love bags. It makes collecting treasures that much more fun.

  10. so cute and so useful, your knitting is just beautiful.

  11. I have some adult treasures that might need a a pouch too :)


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