Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Great Outdoors ~ In the Garden

~ If you took photos outdoors that you love this week, join in and post a link in the comments!  I'm replacing {this moment} with The Great Outdoors while the weather is warm and we’re spending so much time outside. ~

In between lots of rain, we spent the afternoon in the garden.  I love how the color of Nathan's New York City taxi cab shirt matches my Black-Eyed Susans.  I hadn't realized that they were taxi-cab yellow!

He sniffed a flower and was well-behaved for a time...

Until he started ripping pieces off a squash leaf...

And tried to rip out a flower.

See that guilty face?  He knew it was wrong, but didn't seem to care all that much at the time.

I thought it was cute when he sniffed a squash leaf.

Then we sang while he filled his trike up with toys.

And checked for bugs in his bug-holding container.  (There were none.)

We admired that day's varvest, a few plum tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and a zucchini, which we had for dinner tonight.

After trying two cherry tomatoes and not liking them, he tried to stuff one into my mouth.  I gladly accepted, but only after getting this shot.  I give him credit for trying tomatoes twice -- I think he wants to like them.

As soon as we came inside, Dada whisked him back out for a walk and to talk business while I made dinner in peace and quiet.

That look totally asks, "Aren't you coming with us?"  He is so attached.  "No, Boo Boo, I'm going to stay home and make dinner now."  And he was fine with that.  And I enjoyed a few minutes alone that afternoon.

Do you like how there's purple loosestrife growing through a warped board in our porch?  I thought so.  Good thing, 'cause this is how we roll.

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