Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yarn Along and Flowers on My Deck

I just checked out last week’s Yarn Along post and realized I’ve made more progress on my Birds in Flight socks that I’d thought!  Yay!  I was going to write about how I’m trying to do too much, with all the exercising, gardening, crafting, oh, and blogging I’m compelled to do.  But now I don’t have to, right? : )

These sample socks are taking longer to finish than I’d like, but mostly because I want to ship them off to Knit Picks already.  I told them they’d have the socks this week and…um, well, you can see that they don’t.  But they will next week.  Definitely next week.

Here’s my sock among the geraniums, petunias and red salvia in one of the containers on my deck.  I’ve been working hard to keep these flowers looking good (read: alive) through the heat wave, and it paid off.  And it finally rained last night!  The flowers still look good, despite the downpour, and I don’t know which accentuates the other more—do the flowers make the sock look better, or does the sock make the flowers look better?

I couldn’t decide which photo I liked best, so I chose four.  Each one has a different focus, and that’s why I like them as a series.

I’m still reading Come to Grief when I settle down before bed, and I think I should dedicate more time to it.  You know, in between everything else.

As always, I'm knitting along with Ginny on Small Things on Wednesday.
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  1. Love the colors. I'm glad I'm not the only one that takes 3 or 4 pictures of the same thing.

  2. I love your yarn choice. The blue is so vibrant!

  3. Wouldn't it be nice to have naturally colored socks of that blue? (not the artificially colored carnations you usually see hanging out int the grocery aisle) Love the color of that yarn.

  4. That blue is lovely, what a joy to see that nice bright color when the weather gets cold :)

  5. I think they complement each other.

  6. I'm just loving this sock pattern, your yarn color AND your flowers! Can't wait until it's available on KnitPicks so I can buy the pattern and knit my own pair.

  7. Hey Kathy -- thanks for your interested in my Birds in Flight socks! Good news -- the pattern is already available for purchase through my blog! Here's the link:



  8. The socks are looking great! I saw my progress so much better on my project by looking at last week's yarn along too!


  9. Socks and flowers ~ a winning combination. I love the colors. We just had rain the other evening as well. Sounds like a dose of the wet stuff is needed in many locations.

    Blessings, Elizabeth

  10. I like the blue and red together. Very pretty! Here's mine http://lacafetiere.blogspot.com/2011/07/yarn-along_27.html

    I'm following you now. Come visit me at karmama.ca!

  11. I adore all your socks and am so impressed that you wrote a pattern! xx

  12. Oh yes....the socks and the flowers...a perfect combo!!

    Thanks you for sharing with us at Fibers on Friday!


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