Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Some June 1st Excitement

In addition to the fact that our new washing machine will be delivered and installed today, I’ve been featured in the Summer edition of Rhythm of the Home!  Twice!

Go there to get my Whole Wheat Banana Blueberry Muffin recipe—here’s a tip for chocaholics: you can replace the blueberries with 1 ½ cups of semi-sweet morsels and these muffins become dessert.  I’ve also written an essay about the excitement of motherhood.  I wouldn’t mind it if you came back here to tell me how you liked it!

Thanks for reading,


  1. Yup, I agree whole heartedly, its the little things that hold so much to me as a mom too...each and everyday. I hopped over from ROTH. I have the mama mantra piece over there. I wanted to say hi, we are from Chester County, Pa. Nice to meet another Pennsylvania blogger.


  2. First I was wishing we had not eaten all the blueberries yesterday! Then I read your article. It touches the heart of the mystery of motherhood. Somewhere in the messy living room, are two girls who routinely drive me nuts (including the every book off the book shelf mess I doubt they are picking up) make me want to cry in frustration and steal me bed, blankets and sleep despite having a very nice room of their own. Our friends without children don't get how one smile or a grubby hand, from 'helping' momma in the garden, wrapped around mine or the word "kiss" can make it all so completely worth it. Clearly, you get it.

  3. I loved what you wrote about the excitement of motherhood. Sometimes I lose sight of it, but then it rises up again and is the most wonderful feeling in the world. And then I realize that even when my son is a father himself, I will have moments of that excitement. What a gift.

  4. in everyday life we sometimes(read many times)we forget how we feel when we hold our baby for the first time or when he first called us. And then when we come across beautiful articles like excitement of motherhood it brings freshness to the relationship.
    these days in our house one can hear a word all the time and that is Mama. mishu keeps calling me all the time and while i prepare meals he stands next to me and just says mama mama mama mama to get my attention. i feel frustated and forget the moment when he first called me mama.
    thanks for this post, u have made me remember all those things that mishu did when he was younger and hope u spend these summers making lovely memories with nathan.
    i want to try ur muffin recipe but we dont get blueberries here.....can u suggest a substitute?

  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and kind words, Himadri -- I do know what you mean. : )

    Instead of blueberries there's always... chocolate chips. : ) I haven't tried making the muffins with anything other than blueberries or chocolate chips (or plain -- they're good plain!), but maybe dried canberries would work? OR chopped walnuts are really good. I've made them with walnuts. Good luck and enjoy!


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