Sunday, June 26, 2011

Living in the Country

There are times when I get frustrated and slip and start dwelling on the downsides of living in the country.  It seems to happen more and more often as the inconveniences pile up and I let the disruptive business of being a caretaker’s wife get to me.

It only took a walk on the farm this weekend to remind me what we have here and the reasons we wanted to move to the country all those years ago.

Lots of open spaces.

Remnants of what this old farm used to be.

Wildlife everywhere I look.

Peaceful streams and lakes.

Milkweed in the wild areas and the butterflies it attracts.

Shaded paths less taken.

A boy with a sweet face who I hope will love nature just as much as I do.

Fun in unexpected places.

Wild flowers and bright blue eyes.

Have a lovely week!


  1. Beautiful pictures! That last one with THAT FACE!!! SO sweet!

  2. What a beautiful spot! Here's to counting your blessings even...maybe especially?...when the frustrations have been piling up?

  3. THANK YOU so much for linking up to Help a Momma Out Tuesday!! We appreciate it!! Thanks for the inspiration!!


  4. Beautiful pictures. I wish it wasn't so hot and we had paths like that around here where I live... I would be out every day with my little man walking and taking pictures like this!

  5. I grew up in the country, and sure do miss it. Beautiful pictures!! I found you from the Alexa Hop. Going to leave a review for you now and would love it if you would return the favor when you get time. :)


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